Professional Home Watch providers regularly execute prescribed walk-throughs of unoccupied seasonal homes and report potential concerns to the homeowner. The objectives of Home Watch services are to maintain system functionality and identify issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. This summary of our 2022 activity demonstrates some of the ways we have helped our clients.

Peace of mind
for your
piece of paradise.

Routine Visits

Routine visits are conducted approximately every ten days. Our Home Watch reports are captured in an industry-leading app that uses geofencing technology to timestamp our visits. Each visit observes, documents, and reports:

Ambient room temperature and relative humidity

Visual conditions of ceilings, walls, and baseboards

Water system performance

Integrity of doors, windows and locks

Concierge Visits

We are happy to stand in for the homeowner when the need arises.

Meeting vendors onsite for delivery, maintenance, or repair appointments.

Clearing the site with law enforcement as a part of alarm system protocols.

Conducting unscheduled, time-sensitive homeowner requests.

Convenience Visits

Let us help set the tone for your relaxing and rejuvenating return to (or departure from) the Sunshine State.

Move waste receptacles to/from curbside.

Bring packages indoors.

Perform maintenance drives on personal vehicles.

Execute pre-storm and post-storm checklists.

Additional homeowner requests.